Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma Trainers Are Super Popular

It’s been eight days since Rihanna first announced a new highly coveted sneaker of her own design would be dropping. They became available to shop on Friday, so if this is news to you, I’m sure you’re wondering, are the Fenty X Puma Trainers are sold out? Indeed, they are no longer available on the Puma website as of right now. It comes as no surprise that these sneakers would go so quickly, given how successful her creepers were. So, if you didn’t manage to snag a pair, what can I say to cheer you up? I’m in the same boat as you, and hopefully, we’ll have better luck next time!

Her entire collection, which showed at NYFW, is suspected to go on sale in September, so there’s still a chance that you’ll come to own one of the super cool pieces she’s created. The Trainers came in three colors: black, red and white, and sold out in each one. Because when Rihanna does footwear, well, everyone wants to wear it, clearly.

Keep your eyes out for people who may be selling theirs, because if you really want a pair, that may be your only option. There are already some pairs listed on eBay for more than the original selling price of $180, but if you want a pair of these on your feet badly enough, you may be willing to shell out the extra cash.

They came and went so quickly, but I can see why.

If this is going to be you walking around in your very own Trainers, consider yourself lucky.

These are just the right mixture of cool and comfy. I can see why they were so popular. Rihanna's gone and done it again with her incredible design skills.

Welp, off to see how much money I can scrape together as I scroll through eBay. Wish me luck!

Images: Puma (1)