8 Things You Should Treat Yourself To While You're Still Single

I've said it before, and I don't mean to be a broken record, but I think it's really important to not look at your single life like a sentencing or a waiting period. It shouldn't be considered a pointless fraction of time you spend before your real life begins. Because guess what? Your life already started. You have to put your best effort into making every chapter of your life fulfilling, memorable and enriching. Each chapter is vital, especially the ones you spend alone.

If you're after a married life with children but you're not there yet, you should really be making the most of what you have to yourself before you have to share it. Not that sharing is a bad thing. It can be very rewarding to share — whether it's your bed or your life — but it's also nice to appreciate the time where you have things to yourself. These are a few things that you'll have to share one day and should take advantage of while you can. Seriously, that bed will have a partner and kids in it one day and you'll be wishing you used your single life to stretch out and hog the covers without repercussions. Here are eight things you should do while you're still single:

Morning Rituals


Enjoy that bed. Stretch out, roll around and take your time getting up. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning. Enjoy not having to talk to anyone, enjoy wearing your comfiest, ugliest pajamas and zit cream. Find your morning zen and make the most of it.



Take a long shower (unless you live in California). Turn the water on hot, use your favorite soaps and take your time. Put in a hair mask, a face mask and scrub your feet. Take advantage of the fact that there's no one knocking on the door.

Long Walks


Whether it's down the street, into the woods or up a mountain, enjoy walking alone. Listen to music, listen to the world, enjoy not having to talk and take note of everything around you.



Take a solo trip at least once in your life. Plan it, afford it, take it, embrace it, and remember it. You'll be proud of yourself for being so competent and you'll love how it feels to be completely selfish and do only what you what to do.



Cook for yourself. Treat yourself to a nice dinner, light the candles and eat in silence. Cook for yourself like you want someone to cook for you. Try new things and don't worry about whether or not other people will like it.

Wild Adventures


Without anyone depending on you, you can be a little selfish and take risks. Ride that motorcycle, jump out of that plane, spend that bonus on something ridiculous. Have yourself a few thrills.



OK, maybe you don't even like going out. Force yourself to. Soon enough you'll have too many reasons to keep you in. Go out, dance, laugh, be weird with your friends, and come home late. No one's waiting for you.



Treat yourself to a movie date. See whatever you want, you don't need to compromise. Eat that whole popcorn by yourself — no one's hands will be crawling in it and no one's going to judge for seeing that sequel.

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