Demi's "Stone Cold" Lyrics Are Heartbreaking

At the beginning of February, Demi Lovato announced "Stone Cold" as her new single — the third single to be lifted from her latest studio album, Confident. Shortly before the LP's premiere in October 2015, the 23-year-old singer put out a raw and affecting performance video of "Stone Cold" on YouTube, and instantly, the heartbreaking ballad became a fan favorite. (As it turns out, it's one of Lovato's favorite songs, too!) The star gave another powerful rendition of the track on Saturday Night Live just a few days later, so her decision to release it as a single comes as no surprise. But what is Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" about?

The "Cool for the Summer" hit-maker opened up about the tune during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that its lyrics were "inspired by her own 'pain and heartbreak.'" "Every time I write a song, or every time I do a scene when I act, I always draw from personal experience," she said. "I think this song, a lot of people can relate to. For me, it was therapy, but I also knew that a lot of people could relate to it — so I wrote it."

Based on its lyrics, "Stone Cold" seems to be about the hurt that can come from watching a former lover move on with their life. In the tune's first verse and chorus, Lovato sings:

Stone cold, stone cold

You see me standing, but I'm dying on the floor

Stone cold, stone cold

Maybe if I don't cry, I won't feel anymore

Stone cold, baby

God knows I tried to feel

Happy for you

Know that I am, even if I

Can't understand, I'll take the pain

Give me the truth, me and my heart

We'll make it through

If happy is her, I'm happy for you

However, in her aforementioned Entertainment Tonight interview, Lovato explained that she draws upon various real-life experiences when she performs "Stone Cold" — not just instances of romantic heartbreak: "The last time I performed it, it was early in the morning and I had sang it but I was actually thinking about my grandmother who wasn't doing so well in the hospital. I kind of related it to that experience that I was going through. She's doing a lot better now, so I'm excited, but at that moment — you know, 'If happy is her, I'm happy for you,' and it was just kind of like, 'OK, if this is your time, then I'm OK with that.'"

With any luck, the moving track will become another hit for Lovato. Check out the just-released "Stone Cold" music video below.

Confident and "Stone Cold" are available on iTunes and Spotify now.