Kendall Jenner Narrowly Avoids A Car Accident In Italy & The Clip Is Terrifying — VIDEO

This is so scary. In the midst of Milan Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner narrowly avoided a car accident as she exited a chauffeured vehicle, a TMZ paparazzi video shows. As her driver got out to open the door for her on Saturday, the car began rolling backwards, forcing the supermodel to jump backwards as the car careened into a post. While the car was dented, the 20-year-old luckily managed to escape without injury, though, understandably, appeared to be shaken up. Making her way inside her hotel in the clip, Jenner is seen putting her hand over a camera and telling a paparazzo, "You're not allowed over here, so get out!"

It's a terrifying clip to see, even though Jenner thankfully made it away without any harm. And while the car moving backwards certainly wasn't the paparazzi's fault, the fact that they stayed in her face after the scary incident highlights how dangerous they can be. And Jenner is no stranger to this; at the beginning of this month, she posted a message to her app entitled "How I Feel About The Paparazzi," in which she spoke out against the unsafe conditions brought on by photographers. Wrote the model,

"There are definitely moments when the paparazzi scare me, but I'm always more worried about other people's safety, especially when they're driving. For example, if the paps run a red light—all 12 of them—and almost kill someone else, I'll definitely tell them off. I stop, tell them to pull up next to me and I say, 'You assholes! Not only are you going to kill yourself, but you're going to kill innocent people around you.' I just go off on them. And their responses are, 'Well, then don't run away from us.' I'm not running from anyone—I'm just living my life! I'm not speeding away from them because how can I escape 12 paparazzi? I can't. It's kind of impossible."

She makes a great point, and it's sad to think of the dangers paparazzi and celebrity culture can cause. Hopefully, the scary incident didn't ruin the rest of Jenner's Fashion Week experience. Earlier on Saturday evening, the star, who walked for Versace's Fall 2016 collection, was joined by fellow supermodels Gigi Hadid (who opened and closed the show), Adriana Lima, Julia Stegner, and Jamie Bochert, among others. In the past week, Jenner also made headlines for this tromp l'oueil photo taken backstage at Fendi (a show that she opened), reaching 50 million followers on Instagram (baby sister Kylie reached the milestone earlier this month), and celebrating the unveiling of her Madame Tussauds figure during London Fashion Week, during which she was joined by friend and fellow Victoria's Secret model-turned-wax figurine Cara Delevingne.

Clearly, it's been a crazy couple of days for Jenner — but hopefully, the car accident is the only truly terrifying part. You can watch the scary video below: