Victoria Beckham Has Given Up Her Signature Heels

When you think "Posh Spice," you probably think glamour, an endless supply of LBDs and oversized glasses, and towering heels walked in like they were gym shoes. Well, not anymore. Victoria Beckham has given up heels, rocking the world over. A lot of us picture her wearing nothing but trim dresses and four-inch stilettos — an image we all too readily gobbled up since it meant we were getting to keep a grown up version of Posh Spice. But she's just not into it anymore.

She told The Telegraph, “I think people saw the real me when I came out [at the end of her Victoria Beckham show in New York] in a pair of men’s trousers, a roll-neck, and trainers.” Talk about a complete 180. She's loosened up her style a little, and embraced the casual look.

She explained to The Telegraph, "I just can’t do heels anymore. At least not when I’m working... Clothes have to be simple and comfortable." I'm not usually about grand sweeps or generalizations, but Beckham has always seemed strictly about the polish and glamour: Her uniform an impressive parade of Jackie-O dresses, with pencil skirts that hit the knees and necklines that alternated between boat necks and box-cuts. It was a slightly vintage look; all serious business woman, touched with a dash of upper-crust.

She's also famously gone on record for hating flats. As The Daily Mail reported, she's previously said that she "can't concentrate with flat shoes," and that she doesn't go to the gym because she "couldn't run in heels." That's why this new sense of style is such a surprise to me. For someone who was so anti anything below a four-inch stiletto, that's a pretty big shift.

But everyone's style changes, and Beckham's has taken a simpler turn. She told The Telegraph that her style and collection now "are all about making getting dressed easy." And it seems that she's pulling that off flawlessly. Below are five examples of Ms. Beckham's new look.

1. Slightly Masculine

Here she's dressed down in navy trousers and a matching belted coat that almost has a tuxedo flair.

2. Sporting Bona Fide Sneakers

Living proof that she actually owns trainers!

3. Leaving The Dresses Behind

I'm definitely digging the more suit-oriented, distinguished look she's been dabbling with.

4. Simple & Clean

Who doesn't love an all-black ensemble with a stark Oxford collar? Beckham pulls off the "no fuss" look flawlessly.

5. Cuddly Knits

She makes a thick wool sweater look just as sleek as a bodycon dress.

6. Minimalism Reigns

She has this simplistic, normcore thing down to a science.

7. A Touch Of Grunge Is Doable

Never did I think I'd see Beckham in a broken-in tee, but here we are. And she looks amazing.

If Beckham can switch over to sneakers, it just goes to show that our style can evolve in unexpected ways.