You Can See Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor Already

The world did a collective double-take on Friday when it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg will be playing Lex Luthor in the Man Of Steel sequel tentatively being called Batman Vs. Superman. Because, like, what? It's perfect and great but also like completely out of nowhere. But hey, that's kind of the Internet's favorite thing.

Eisenberg's been around Hollywood for quite some time now and has worked on a number of notable projects, but his most iconic to date was undoubtedly his role as Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook founding story The Social Network. And, hey look at that, that's also conveniently the roll that matches up most perfectly with the idea of him as Lex Luthor: A barely contained megalomaniac who just wants to be loved, you know? It's like goddammit Spider-Man, why won't you just text me back?

And so it is that this "mashup" (more like a crafty editing-in of Henry Cavill's cast photo) by Slate depicts our wittle Lex-ikins sending out what is in the fanfic-verse sure to be a very fateful friend request. Because hey, an Internet's gotta do what an Internet's gotta do in the interim between casting and actually getting to see the casting decision brought to screen.

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