They're Engaged, But...

Leave it to Diddy, the king of living out loud, to do the unthinkable — but now may slowly be becoming the norm. On Feb. 1, while most of the country was anticipating the Super Bowl, Diddy was posting the most important announcement on social media that he's ever made. This weekend, Diddy proposed to his girlfriend, Cassie, on Instagram. Diddy posted a picture of a huge emerald-cut diamond ring with the caption, "Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like ! I just wanna Mk you smile :) #takeDat. !"

Hmm. I'm happy that they're engaged and all, but this is just another example of social media being taken too far in people's personal lives. I'd have a hard time taking a proposal on Instagram seriously, and wouldn't want thousands of people weighing in on my private time and ring. However, Cassie responded, "It's perfect!" The couple has been dating since 2007. Cassie's friend, singer Keyshia Cole, also posted a blurry photo of Cassie on Feb. 2 with her bling on her finger. Sean Combs proposing on Instagram seems a little odd, since he's a mogul who is worth $580 million dollars. So naturally, I have a few questions going through my head.

1. Since Diddy saved effort and money on the proposal, wouldn't he want to proof his post for grammar and spelling errors? For example, there needs to be a comma after the word "baby," and "what" is misspelled. The world "like" shouldn't be capitalized, and the last I checked, "Mk" is not an abbreviation for "make." Just sayin'.

2. Were Diddy and Cassie, who's also a singer, together for the proposal? Was it one of those weird but cute things you do, where you're tweeting your significant other from the same room and laughing at each other about it? Was Cassie in the room with Diddy when he Instagrammed his proposal, or did she just stumble upon the post since she wasn't tagged and race to Diddy's house to accept and see the ring? Did she call him or just reply on Instagram? Logistics of the 21st century, people.

3. Diddy's wording isn't so much loving as it is a command, since he romantically hashtagged the phrase "#takeDat." Maybe they're a couple that doesn't like to be mushy, but "take dat?" It almost sounds like a dare or challenge. If Diddy doesn't work on being spicy and exciting during married life, Cassie may Instagram a picture of garbage bags that need to go out on pickup day and tell him, "#takedat."

I hope the wedding is much more intimate and way less social than this, Diddy. #notkidding

Image: PDiddy; KeyshiaCole/Instagram