The World's Most Embarrassing Texts

Have you ever accidentally sent an embarrassing text message to entirely the wrong person? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. No, really — we’ve ALL been there. Every last one of us. And Reddit has the proof.

You see, I’ve just spent the past half hour reading Reddit’s “What is the most embarrassing text message you have sent to the wrong person?” thread, and from what I can see here, we’re all in good company. In fact, we can even use it as a learning experience! Here are the 12 most cringeworthy texting, email, and IM gaffes I could find, along with the lessons we can take away with them.

1. Beware of multitasking — especially when it involves porn.

2. Do not allow your cat access to any electronic devices.

3. Don’t text nudes.

4. Don’t text your mom, either.

5. No, seriously — don’t text your mom.

6. Make sure your screen is securely locked when your phone is not in use.

7. There’s a limit to how friendly you can get with your boss.

8. A sense of humor can be your saving grace.

9. Should you be the recipient of an unusual text, attempt to gather more information about it from the sender before acting on any instructions included within.

10. Beware of the double entendre.

11. Especially if it’s unintentional.

12. Don’t sleep with your best friend’s significant other. Ever. I mean it.

Bonus! If you have to, get sneaky.

This one comes from a member of the Bustle staff:

"Once, when I was with a friend who was being moody, I texted my boyfriend at the time, writing, "[Friend] is being such a bitch today." Problem is, I didn't text my boyfriend: I texted it to my friend. Thankfully, I realized it right away, and asked to see her phone so I could delete a text I meant to send to my boyfriend. So instead of seeing something mean I wrote about her, she simply thought I was sexting my boyfriend while hanging out with her. Not sure which would make her judge me more."

Image: Bustle Stock Photo