How To Stream Super Tuesday Results As They Happen

by Cate Carrejo

Super Tuesday — the biggest day of the primary election season — is quickly approaching. As the candidates frantically prepare for March 1 with last-minute rallies and stump speeches, many eager political fans are preparing to follow all the action. There are many ways to stay updated on the progress throughout the day, so if you want to follow along no matter where you are, here's how to stream Super Tuesday results in real time.

There are essentially three coverage routes to follow for Super Tuesday, depending on what your day looks like: the television route, the computer route, and the smartphone route. If you've got the day off, then television will always be there for you. 24-hour news channels like CNN and Fox dedicate all-day coverage to Super Tuesday, and ABC News will feature a special live television broadcast from Times Square at 10 p.m. ET.

If you've got access to a computer during the day, you've got a whole other set of options. You can access the CNN livestream on YouTube, so even if you don't have cable, you can watch the trusty news network deliver results in real time. There are also a myriad of really useful website that offer tools for interpreting the incoming voter data. USA Today has a very thorough county-by-county breakdown which will come in handy for calculating those district delegates, and Politico features an interactive map that shows the whole country updating live. You can access these sites on a smartphone, but they're really optimized for non-mobile devices.

Finally, the smartphone route is a little more limited, but just as informative. Business Insider has a great liveblog for election results, and BuzzFeed is getting in the game now, too. Local media outlets in Super Tuesday states will also feature even more information and local reporting in each state, so if there's a particular race that you want to follow closely, check out that state's major public radio and television websites. However, if you'll be extra busy during the day and want to make especially sure you don't miss anything, sign up for text updates from Twitter to get texts from journalists who will live tweet on Tuesday.

There is a lot at stake this Super Tuesday. Hillary Clinton, who is polling ahead of opponent Bernie Sanders in the three most delegate-rich states that vote on Tuesday, may finally be able to shake the suspicion that Sanders still has a chance at the nomination. For the Republicans, John Kasich and Ben Carson are barely hanging on, and their performances at the polls will likely make or break their campaigns. Frontrunner Trump will likely increase his delegate lead with wins in nearly all the states voting on Tuesday — however, Ted Cruz, who is currently in second place in terms of delegates, has a relatively strong lead in his home state of Texas.

Receiving the majority of the Lone Star State's 155 delegates could make a huge difference for Cruz, and potentially bring him within a competitive distance of Trump's delegate count. All in all, you won't want to miss any of Super Tuesday, so make sure that you are tuned in to the results as they happen.

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Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle