Where Is Ned From 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide' Today? He's Still A Total TV Star

Out of all the Nickelodeon shows that came to be during my incredibly awkward and painful adolescent years, I think that Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide most accurately prepared me for how bizarre (and terrible) middle school would be. Being the same age as Ned himself helped a bit, which is why I always wonder where Ned from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is now. Turns out, he's been right in front of my nose this entire time.

Good news, y'all: Ned Bigby is and has been doing better than all of us. You see, Ned, AKA Devon Werkheiser, has been working steadily ever since Ned's Declassified went off the air in 2007. Sure, he may not be as visible as he was when he was on a show playing the title character, but it's all good. He's been spreading his wings in various aspects of the TV and film mediums. For instance, aside from television shows, Werkheiser has done film shorts, TV shorts, TV movies, voiceover work, and films.

Some notable projects he's been involved with? Per IMDb, in 2010, Werkheiser voiced Drama Dog #1, Shroom Dog #2, Golden Dog, and Cocker Spaniel in Marmaduke. In addition to that, he played Peter Parkes on Greek in 2011. The actor has also had guest spots on shows like American Dad!, Criminal Minds, Franklin & Bash, and Major Crimes. And that's not even including all those shorts and TV movies he starred in as well. Past projects aside, Werkheiser has two new films on the horizon, that according to IMDb are now in post-production. The first film, Veracruz, doesn't have a release date listed. But, the second film, Sundown, is due out this year.


But, that's not even the best part of his post-Ned career. Guys, Werkheiser has started his own YouTube web series entitled, "Devon's Life Survival Guide." *Muffles enthusiastic scream* And, yes, it is everything you want it to be. Check out the first installment, aptly titled, "Welcome To The Guide" below:

WERK! TV on YouTube

Super inspiring, isn't it? Ned, er, Devon — color me impressed and subscribed. To make things even better, in addition to the web series, the acting, and being all around good looking while maintaining a perfect amount of scruff, Werkheiser is also a musician. His current EP, Here and Now , is on iTunes and his songs, past and present, are available for purchase. In fact, you can view the official music video for his hauntingly beautiful song of the same name, below. Though, I warn you... prepare yourself.

WERK! TV on YouTube

So, if you were wondering where Ned has been, the answer is, well, everywhere. Dude may have had a rough onscreen junior high school experience, but he seems to have done pretty well since.

Image: Nickelodeon