The Best 2016 Oscars Memes & Jokes, So You Can Laugh With Hollywood's Biggest Night

After weeks of preparation (and some controversy), awards season comes to a close as the 2016 Oscars air on Sunday night. As always, it's been a wild ride filled with great movies, important discussions about diversity, and even a Leonardo DiCaprio-inspired Oscar video game. Naturally, the Academy Awards ceremony will be quite the show, and so it's no surprise that there are already plenty of 2016 Oscars memes and jokes. Hey, it's the Internet. Let me remind you that I'm talking about the awards show and the medium that once launched that Oscar selfie in 2014, which is still the most famous selfie of all time. So really, anything was possible on Sunday night.

The build-up to the Oscars is sometimes just as fun as the ceremony itself. This year's nominations sparked a lot of important conversations about the lack of diversity in the crop of nominees for the past two years, as well as a hilarious but poignant segment about Hollywood whitewashing from Last Week Tonight that has gone viral. On a lighter note, the lead-up to Sunday night's show at the Dolby Theater also gave viewers the gift of watching everyone in the world root for DiCaprio to win his very first Oscar, after decades of nominations. And all of this, of course, leads to plenty of great memes and jokes.

Here are some of the most hilarious ones from Oscar night:

How Was Leo DiCaprio Holding Up?

I know these are jokes, but someone might want to make sure he's OK. It's a big night. Lots of pressure.

What If He Won?

The Internet was already speculating early in the evening.

Alicia Vikander Reminds People Of Other Things

Some folks on Twitter have been saying that The Danish Girl actor looks like pop star Ariana Grande (must be the pony tail), Joy from Inside Out, and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

When Someone Mixed Up Whoopi Goldberg & Oprah

Yikes. There are no words.

How Fans Feel About Chris Evans

Because he looks good on the red carpet.

The Bear From The Revenant At The Oscars

Twitter can dream, right?

When Jack & Rose — I Mean, Kate Winslet & Leo DiCaprio — Were On The Red Carpet


When Ryan Gosling Presented With Russell Crowe

If only.

When Stacey Dash Came Onto The Stage

Once again, Chrissy Teigen really is the personification of my feelings.

How Viewers Felt About That "Thank You" Scroll

Is it me or did it go way too fast? It was like 10 times the speed of CNN.

The Fact That Mad Max: Fury Road Totally Cleaned Up

Witness them.

When The Minions Were Teased & Then Finally Arrived At The Oscars

They presented in the animation categories along with Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.

When Chris Rock Asked The Stars To Buy Girl Scout Cookies For His Daughters

And they raised more than $65,000 in sales!

Does Jacob Tremblay Have An Older Lookalike?

Comedian Retta thinks so.

When They Were About To Announce Best Actor

It's been a long night.

It's Official: Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio


Per usual, the Oscars had plenty of memorable moments, all of which led to some pretty great jokes.