6 Leap Day Activities To Celebrate Your Extra Day

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Happy Leap Day! You have been given an extra day in 2016 to live your best life, and as such, you better make the most of Feb. 29 with these Leap Day activities. This is a rare opportunity — OK fine, not super rare since it happens every four years — to do whatever you want, and to do it right. Think about the activities you wish you had more time for, or the things you need to do more of, or maybe something you've always been too scared to try. These should all be considered for your Leap Day shenanigans, because as Criss Chros says on 30 Rock, "Real life is for March."

Leap Day is a strange and elusive holiday. Since we only see it on the calendar every four years, we tend to forget how completely odd the legends and superstitions surrounding this holiday are. Traditionally, it's a day for women to propose to their partners. Apparently back in the olden days, if women were rejected after popping the question on this day, men were required to outfit them with silk, kisses, and gloves as part of a fine. Oh, and Leap Day babies are known as "Leapers," and Ja Rule is one of them.

So, there are many reasons to celebrate this rare calendar gem — you just need to do it right. Here are six ways to celebrate Leap Day, so you can really take advantage of this bonus calendar day.

1. Take a day off

In order to properly celebrate any fun holiday, you shouldn't be at work during it. So call in sick or cash in some vacation time, because Leap Day won't be around again until 2020!

2. Learn a new skill

Knowledge is power, yes? Well, use Leap Day to get a little more powerful by learning something new. There's really no better way to feel like you've made good use of your day than by getting smarter.

3. Do something you normally wouldn't do

Be brave. Be bold. Put yourself out there in a way you're normally too afraid to do. Don't hold back, because for a long time, this wasn't considered a calendar-worthy day, so it's like it doesn't even count!

4. Sleep all day

Most adult humans are sleep deprived. So maybe take today to catch up on those Zs, and give yourself a strong start to the new month.

5. Pick up a side job

Think of it as an extra day to earn money. Because for salaried employees (and you might be one of them), this extra day does not mean extra pay, so find another way to make that paper.

6. Throw yourself a party

Everyone deserves a party, especially outside of a birthday — which is really just an annual reminder that death is approaching and your body is in a steady state of decay. So throw yourself a party that you can fully enjoy, and even if you don't invite anyone else, you know you'll have a blast.

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