Did Daisy Ridley Copy Rey’s Hair From ‘The Force Awakens’? Those Buns Look Familiar — PHOTOS

When Daisy Ridley showed up at the Oscars, in a decidedly glamorous beaded Chanel gown that definitely would be out of place the desert planet of Jakku, the Internet still noticed something Star Wars-inspired about her look. It looks like Daisy Ridley copied Rey's hair from The Force Awakens for the Oscars. That's right. For Hollywood's biggest night, Ridley wore her hair in knotted buns that looks strikingly similar to the triple buns worn by her character Rey.

Rey's triple buns might be the Star Wars hairdo to become more famous than the already iconic Princess Leia buns (though I'm sure fans of Kylo Ren's hair might have something to say about his dark locks giving Leia a run for her money). But now that Ridley has shown the look works just as well on the red carpet as while piloting the Millennium Falcon, I think it's fair to say that this hairdo has been proven to be as wearable in real life as in a galaxy far, far away.

Ridley's Oscars look, which is fairly business-like and simple in the front but totally party in the back, is a sleeker version of the Star Wars original, and once you see the resemblance, it's impossible to ignore. As her hair stylist, Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden, put it in a press release: "Can I say that it’s badass?" Yes. Yes you can.

Now, this isn't the first time Ridley has rocked a Rey-inspired bun on the red carpet. She worked it at the premiere for The Force Awakens.

And again at a press conference for the movie's release.

But this Oscars look is definitely the sleekest version of the triple bun to date, and there's something totally sweet about the fact that Ridley keeps paying hair homage to the character and the beloved franchise that's launched her career, especially at Hollywood's biggest night.

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