Jacob Tremblay Has Two Oscars Dates

by Caitlin Flynn

When most of us were 9-year-olds, our parents were cheering us on at little league games or dance recitals in poorly ventilated buildings — but Room star Jacob Tremblay's parents are his dates to the 2016 Oscars and this family couldn't possibly be any cuter. The pint-sized breakout star has been accompanied by his mom and dad to a number of awards shows this season and they've unwittingly become Internet sensations themselves. In January, Tremblay explained that his parents are "a little bit shy," but they're taking their overnight fame in stride and enjoying a few good laughs over it. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, "They just laugh about it... It's kinda funny, 'cause now my mom calls my dad, 'Hot Dad.'"

Aside from being the most adorable family ever, the Tremblays seem totally grounded — and it's no surprise that they basically have the most polite, gracious child ever. According to a recent New York Times profile of Tremblay, his dad is a police detective and his mom is a homemaker. The family resides in Langley, British Columbia and his sister older Emma Tremblay appeared in the 2013 film Elysium despite their parents' initial reservations of having their children enter the world of show biz. (The agents quickly took notice of Jacob for obvious reasons, and his little sister is now acting as well.)

How did Jacob memorize his Room lines at such a young age? The answer is adorable, but not a huge surprise considering how close-knit his family is: “I just practice. My mom helps me. She knows how my brain works," he told The New York Times. As they made their way to the Oscars on Sunday, Tremblay posted this precious photo to Instagram: