Kate Winslet's Reaction To Leo Winning Was Amazing

by Jenny Hollander

Ever since Titanic, the world has known about the great (albeit platonic) love that is Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. And on Sunday night, when DiCaprio finally won his Best Actor Oscar, Kate Winslet's reaction showed exactly how invested she was in her two-time costar's win. Footage of Kate Winslet listening to DiCaprio's speech, her hands to her mouth and tears in her eyes, makes clear that Winslet had long been rooting for DiCaprio to finally, finally get the Oscar the world's been waiting for him to win.

Earlier Sunday evening, on the Oscars red carpet, DiCaprio and Winslet bumped into each other and embraced, to the delight of everybody who saw them in Titanic (and, OK, some others in Revolutionary Road, I'm sure). And sure, we all wanted them to become an item after Titanic, but instead the two have stayed BFFs since the '90s. On the red carpet on Sunday night, Winslet gushed of DiCaprio and his Oscar nomination: "For me, it wouldn't be the year not to be as close to Leo in that moment, should it happen for him ... Leo, I've got his back. He doesn't need me to tell him."

As DiCaprio gave the speech he's (probably) been waiting to give for decades, the emotion was visible in Winslet's expression. (For his part, DiCaprio has openly called her a close friend and one of the greatest actresses of her generation.)

Like DiCaprio, Winslet has been nominated for an Oscar a number of times. Also like DiCaprio (as of now, anyway), she won once — in 2009, for The Reader.