The Best Leo Dicaprio Oscar Win Memes & Jokes

Well, well, well: It's about time! Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for Best Actor at the 88th annual Academy Awards. He took home the award for his performance in the gut-wrenching and visually stunning The Revenant, portraying Hugh Glass. While the movie itself lost out to another based-on-a-true-story picture, journalist-centric Spotlight, Leonardo DiCaprio was all smiles to take the stage to claim his first ever Academy Award.

It's been a long time coming for the Titanic actor, who has been nominated for four acting awards, and one producer award, in the past. But at long last Leo was able to take home the gold, and no one is more thrilled than the internet, who exploded in celebratory tweets, instagrams, and hilarious memes to celebrate — and, let's be honest — poke fun at, the now Oscar-winning actor's moment in the sun. So let's raise a (Hugh) Glass and toast to Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally won an Academy Award for the grueling role of a man seeking revenge on the dude who killed his son and left him for dead.

From Jack Dawson jokes to Adele lyric mashups, these are the best memes that rejoice in Leo's 2016 Academy Awards win.

Congrats, Leo!