These Emoji Don't Mean What You Think

I was admittedly late to the emoji game, due in large part to the fact that I was late to the "non-flip-phone" game — but nevertheless, I am now very much an emoji queen (which also happens to be one of my top emoji picks). Or at least, I thought I was an emoji queen... until I saw Tech Insider's new video and realized that a whole lot of emoji don't mean what you think they mean. Like, for real — I promise you're going to be surprised by some of these.

What's been the most surprising element of watching this video is reconciling my personal interpretation of emoji with both the general public's take as well as the official meaning. Even some of the more basic emoji were created to portray vastly different emotions than their ultimate use. Take the "angry face" emoji — you know, the one with smoke coming out of its nose like a li'l human bull? Turns out, that's not angry smoke. That's triumphant smoke.

I know. I don't get it, either.

But here's the thing: If a huge percentage of people are interpreting an emoji the "wrong way," and those people are all using it the "wrong way," then doesn't it just kind of become... the right way? If everyone thinks that the angry huffy face is angry, doesn't it just evolve into angry huffy face permanently? Am I getting too weird and philosophical because it's Monday morning and still February? Maybe.

In any event, though, here are seven emoji that don't officially mean what you probably think they mean. Check out the full video at Tech Insider here. Who knew our emoji game could be so... creative?

1. This Isn't An Angry Huffy Face

Also known, according to Emojipedia, as "Face With A Look of Triumph." Do YOU have anger-steam coming out of your nose when you succeed? Yeah, dude, me either.

2. This Isn't A Shooting Star

Or apparently, The More You Know Star! I like that one best, I think. I'm just going to send start sending this to friends if/when I gleefully get to correct them on something. It's wrong and I don't care! P.S. It's actually "Dizzy Star." Just, y'know... FYI.

3. These Aren't "Whatever" Hands

Or jazz hands. This video is honestly showing me that, in addition to not knowing the official names or uses for emojis, I am also interpreting them differently from the majority of the emoji-using public. Do these not look like jazz hands? Do you guys even know what jazz hands are? You know, like the dance move? On a slightly different note, these hands look very aggressive and not at all hug-y.

4. This Isn't Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes Girl

I never really understood what this emoji was doing or what she meant, so I just... never used her. Apparently she's used most frequently as a "duck and cover" message, but her strange pose actually means "OK." She's making the "OK sign" with her whole body, according to Emojipedia. I did not know a whole body "OK" sign was a thing until right now.

5. These Aren't "ACK!" Faces

I thought that these faces were all just variations on "NO I DON'T WANNA." Nope. Squiggly mouth is a confounded look, while open mouth scream is serving Tired Face realness.

6. That Might Not Be A Crying Face

While initially I was like, "Yas, 'tired and crying,' that is literally me all the time," I then did a bit of research and found that that tear is not a tear at all. It's a snot bubble, which in Manga and Anime implies that someone is sleeping. So then obviously I was like, "Ew no nevermind I don't blow snot bubbles in my sleep."

7. These Aren't Unhappy Faces

They're much more specific than that. Dude, the nuances between all these little smiley face guys are crazy subtle. The Anguished Face, for example, expresses "a mixture of shock and disappointment." All that, from a tiny open mouth and tinier still eyebrows.

Check out the full video at Tech Insider for even more ways that you're doing emoji wrong.

Images: Emojipedia; Tech Insider (8)