Women Try Female Condoms For The First Time

by Brianna Wiest

We're all well aware that there are many different types of birth control out there — or at least, despite being fuzzy on what they actually are outside of the pill and a condom, we trust the official-sounding commercials that tell us so. For those of you who are curious, BuzzFeed conducted a little experiment in which women tried female condoms for the first time, and it's pretty illuminating (mostly because what they say out loud is what's totally going through our heads).

It's important to be well-acquainted with different types of responsible sex practices. In fact, it is the most important. Even if you're totally wedded to your IUD or the pill or even just good ol' fashioned condoms, the truth is that there may be another option that's easier on your health, or more convenient for you in general. While the video seems to imply that female condoms might not be that option themselves, it's still important to at least know what they're all about (and um, don't even pretend like you're not extremely interested in how these things work).

Though they may seem like big, scary, weird elephant condoms, they're actually pretty effective (though still #unclear as to how they create a sensation that's anything different from a male condom). Regardless, Planned Parenthood sums it up as follows:

The female condom is a pouch that is used during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It has flexible rings at each end. Just before vaginal intercourse, it is inserted deep into the vagina. The ring at the closed end holds the pouch in the vagina. The ring at the open end stays outside the vaginal opening during intercourse. And during anal intercourse, it is inserted into the anus.

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Check out the brave souls below who sacrificed a bit of their sanity (and their clean hands) to douse themselves in some lube-heavy female rubbers. On behalf of womankind, we must applaud their efforts (and obviously watch intensely because if nothing else this is extremely interesting).

The consensus is in: it's very slimy.

Most of the women agreed that it seemed either too large or too lubricated, and from the looks of it, I'd have to agree.

It's also too large to be the most practical option.

The women reported that it was either falling out or had to be held in place during sex.

But it might still be right for you.

While it was certainly different for some of the women who tried it, others agreed that it wasn't so bad after all. It could serve a purpose in just preventing skin-to-skin contact (one woman's significant other said it didn't feel like anything, another very much disliked it). So the point is, give it a try if you feel so inclined, you never know.

Check out the full video here:

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