7 Hacks To Make Your Hair Look Professionally Done

The best thing that ever happened to me was when the messy bun became a trendy thing. But hacks to make your hair look professionally done is the second best thing. Because in this world of confusing dualities, the only thing better than looking chicly lazy is looking so fab that you clearly came from your stylist/BFF. After you did a workout, ate a healthy breakfast, volunteered, and journaled.

The world doesn't need to know that you really slept until the last possible second, ate a muffin that should really just be called a cupcake if we're being real, and then pulled some hair magic out of your fingertips. Some of these hacks are that simple to incorporate into your routine. Of course, others are going to require the equivalent of getting up early for a workout, but no one needs to know how you got to your hair bliss state except you.

Red carpet hair looks expensive and time consuming, but it's largely a collection of hacks that you can learn. Not to say that there isn't a ton of skill, training, and expertise involved in being a stylist. But a good fake salon do is totally something you can wrap your flat iron around. You got this! Just remember, as with all things, practice makes perfect.

1. Master Your Blow Dryer

One shot of air in the wrong direction can be the difference between your hair looking like you spent the morning in the salon, or spent the morning in a wind tunnel. Your blow dryer is the key to smoothness, volume, texture, and so much more.

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2. Learn The Art Of The Blowout

Here's another technique:

Because, really, a great blowout is the best part of going to get your hair professionally done, right?

3. Pump Up The Jams (I Mean, The Volume)

Does anyone ever leave the salon with flat hair? Nope. If you want to look like you for your hair did, you have to

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4. Shiny It Up Like A Fancy Penny

The tell-tale sign of a salon appointment is that million dollar shine. Mastering that hair glow is something that takes time, trial, and error, but once you figure out what works bet for your locks, you can pull this trick out of your bag to make you look especially polished for a special event.

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5. Master A Couple Of Easy Updos

With some updos under your belt, you can fake a $200 salon appointment for the cost of some bobby pins and hairspray. Not too shabby, especially since a great updo can keep your hair out of your way at work, then make you look totally put together for evening.

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There are updos for all types, lengths, textures and skill levels.

6. Learn Several Curling Techniques

There are more ways to curl your hair than there are trolls on Twitter. That being said, no person on Earth is going to buy that you got your hair professionally done if your curls aren't on point.

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And you can even master some of them in your sleep.

Don't forget, you need to use the right finishing products in order to keep your look lasting longer than the time it takes for the wind to ruin it on your morning commute. I'm not above a hairspray hair helmet, but you do you.

Images: Pixabay