10 Highly Effective Habits Of Morning People

Being a morning person doesn't necessarily mean you rise with the sun, jazz hand your way to the shower and then sing your way into the day. You don't have to be naturally cheerful and pleasant at the crack of dawn in order to consider yourself a morning person. If you've ever seen me before 10 a.m., you know I refuse to speak for at least 30 minutes and my step is most certainly void of hop, but I still consider myself a morning person.

I look at it this way: a morning person is someone who fully utilizes the morning to better serve the rest of the day. So no, I'm not singing into my spoon while my coffee brews, but I am up, I am awake, and I am making small yet significant efforts to begin my day. And most importantly, I'm readying my mind for a productive day. I do that because I believe that the way you start your day heavily influences the rest of the day. So even if you're very much #teamnightowl, you can still be on #teamgoodmorning — no one's asking you to pick sides. Enjoy your night! But enjoy your morning, too! Here are a few behaviors you can experiment with that tend to be the habits of people will solid morning routines, it starts with the way you end the night before.

Plan Your Outfits The Night Before

Before you go to bed, decide what you're going to wear in the morning. Take the stress out of getting dressed. This way, when you wake up, you can jump into your clothes like a fireman.

Turn Off Your Notifications Before Sleep

It's unrealistic to put your phone in another room, you need it for an alarm clock. So if you have to sleep with your phone nearby, make sure you turn off all notifications every single night. Don't let a stag text ruin your sleep.

Get Up A Litter Earlier

You want to make sure you get up early enough to have a full morning routine. So if that means getting up an extra thirty minutes earlier, do it. The point is not to rush.

Meditate And Stretch

Before you get out of bed, before you look at your phone or even begin to think about work, take a few moments to lay there. Try to think about nothing, stretch a little bit to get your blood flowing and practice deep relaxing breathing.


First thing you do in the morning should always be hydrate. Warm water with lemon is best but any water will do. Your body gets very dehydrated while you sleep so filling up with some early water will help combat any headaches that might find you in the early morning.

Bathe And Dress In Peace

Take your time showering. Enjoy the routine, moisturize and dress leisurely. Make sure you feel good in your clothes.

Eat A Healthy Meal

Make yourself a nice breakfast. Eat whatever you like and eat until you're full. It's important to make breakfast the more important meal of the day.

Check Emails

Okay, now that you're mentally ready for your day, you can look at your phone. Don't reply to emails just yet, but do go through them and get a sense of your day.

Make A List

Now that you've looked at your emails, write a handwritten list in your notebook regarding the first things you have to tend to once you get to the office. This will keep the pre-work jitters down on your commute.

Listen To Music

Now that you're ready for the day, use the transit time to squeeze in a few extra minutes of peace. Listen to calming music from the time you leave your home to the time you walk into your office. You'll be awake, alert, zen and ready to slay.

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