9 Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe (That Aren't Shoes Or Bags)

The beauty of shopping for accessories is that it's the most convenient type of shopping that there is. There is no stressful trying-on process, no horrifying dressing room lighting, and no stress about sizes. If I'm shopping for accessories online (when am I not?), it's basically takes the same amount of effort as sleeping does. It comes naturally and does not require pants.

Although we are all very aware of the wonderful world of shoes, bags, and jewelry, there are so many more options for new accessories that aren't the typical purchase. And, with that, more opportunities to shop online. Here are nine accessories to add some accessory variation to your closet and make a definite statement.


Sure, basic white earbuds serve their purpose. But are they shiny and metallic? No, they are not. If there were a shiny, metallic, fashionable way to listen to music, wouldn’t you want to try it out? Thought so.

Frends Taylor Headphones, $199.99,

Phone Case

Yes, okay, these are the days of the trendy ‘naked’ iPhone. However, not only is that unsafe, but does not fully take advantage of the fact that there is an entire section on Net-a-Porter for phone cases. If the only way I can afford Lanvin is by purchasing a cute iPhone case, then so be it.

Lanvin Printed iPhone 5 case, $75,


Personally, I look at planning as both an art form and a mental exercise (which, let’s face it, is a lot more enjoyable than actual exercise). Why not plan those super-hip vegan restaurant girls' brunches in a chic notebook?

Smythson Superstar Textured-Leather Notebook, $70,

Passport Case

Having a cute passport case is fun and also gives off the impression that you travel a lot and are much more cultured than you probably are in actuality. Fooling the world, one cute accessory at a time. That’s my motto.

Passport Holder, $14.98,

Laptop Case

Laptops are, after all, our the portal to work, shopping and, if we’re being honest, the majority of our social interaction, so why not keep them safe and stay stylish while you’re at it?

Techno 13” Computer Case, $138,

Bejeweled Headband

This is basically an acceptable and stylish way to wear a tiara in public. Everything about that sounds good to me.

Diamante Headband, $28,

Fashion Coffee Table Book

This isn’t an accessory you can take with you (that would be weird…. and heavy), but it’s such a wonderful tool for gaining inspiration. It is an accessory that will lead to more accessories. That’s always a good thing. Also, your apartment instantly looks cooler when you have a giant book sitting around. Trust me.

Chloé: Attitudes by Sarah Mower, $85,

To-Go Perfume

I enjoy putting on perfume with my outfit almost as much as I love putting on jewelry. The right scent seems to pull everything together, and every girl needs a to-go option.

Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection Mini Eau De Perfume, $18,

Business Card Holder

Every working gal needs a business card. But it’s sometimes easy forget to get a business card holder. Organized, quirky, and chic, this Kate Spade holder is ideal.

Silver Street Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder, $20,