'Parks and Rec' is Getting a New Bromance

I'm not going to sugarcoat this: watching Chris and Ann leave was tough for me. They were my favorite couple on Parks and Rec, and when I watched last week's goodbye episode, I cried a little. And I don't often cry at office-themed comedies, I remained perfectly calm at Michael Scott's swansong on The Office. Maybe Jerry/Larry/Gary has come to save Ben and I from any future tears. One of the Parks and Rec writers recently leaked that an upcoming episode will focus on a Ben-and-Jerry bromance.

They also teased some sort of "shocking" discovery before the end of the season, and hinted that Leslie might have bigger and better job prospects (as if we hadn't figured that one out ourselves). Of these hints, the weirdest is probably Jerry and Ben's budding bromance. The writers have hinted that Leslie might propose a new theory about Jerry and his way-too-hot wife Gail, so maybe Ben will go on a fact-finding mission and get invited to the Gergich breakfast nook. I sincerely hope that, in true Larry fashion, Jerry will ruin the relationship by being clumsy, inept, or way too excited about filing and mailing. Whatever happens, I'm hoping a Yes, they will be able to make jokes like this:

Maye we'll even be able to see Ron with his adorable ice-cream-mustache again. But even with these lactose-infused pun opportunities, this is going to be a weird relationship. I'm not sure any amount of Jerry-Ben love can make up for the Chris-shaped hole in Ben and my hearts.

Image: self-lacing-nikes/Tumblr