Is There a Baby Gosling on the Way?

Despite sparking baby rumors after being photographed at LAX airport electing not to go through the full body scanner at the security gate, Eva Mendes has confirmed that she is not pregnant — she just never goes through the full body scanner, instead requesting to be searched through a hand-check.

"She has never gone through the scanners at the airport; she has always elected to be hand-checked instead," Mendes' source told E! News of the photos. Apparently, a source present when Mendes went through security revealed that she actress did not mention anything about being pregnant when she requested to be hand-checked instead of going through the full body scanners.

To be fair, the rumors were really unfounded — many people elect to forgo the full body scanners in favor of being hand-checked for multiple reasons, not limited to everything this former TSA agent says about how TSA agents would laugh at the images that were taken in the scanners, and how no one was actually sure whether or not they were dangerous. Additionally, Mendes doesn't look pregnant at all — in fact, she's looked fit as ever in recent photoshoots. This is definite jumping the gun on the tabloids' part.

Mendes is said to be dating Ryan Gosling, though there have been rumors of a split since December of last year.