Worst Movie CGI: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' 'Harry Potter,' 'Captain America' & More

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had its big trailer unveiling at the Super Bowl last night and with it we got a closer look at Electro, of the villains of the film. I already have a problem with this film and it's due to the absolutely terrible CGI rendering of this character. The result is so poorly done in special effects that it looks like a character in a video game.

Spider-Man 2 is certainly not the first to flub its CGI work, so when you're done being angry at the shoddy job they provided, take a look through these 8 other poorly animated films:

Image: Columbia Pictures

The Mummy Returns - The Scorpion King

The flaw of this film is in the plastic-looking skin of the human head. It’s supposed to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but it hardly captures any realness. Sure this movie was made in 2001, so maybe they can blame it on a lack of technology, but more accurately it was probably just a lack of time as Lord of the Rings was producing work of Gollum-like quality at the same time.

Image: Universal Pictures

Voldemort in the First Harry Potter Film

The CGI in this 2001 movie was so bad that Voldemort was given a total redesign when he showed back up in the fourth film.

Image: Warner Bros.

Cat Woman

To compensate for the poorly rendered version of Halle Berry’s special effects counterpart, the production team covered Berry in a ton of makeup so she’d look like a plastic version of herself even when she wasn’t CGI. Hey, at least they were consistent.

Image: Warner Bros.

Green Goblin in Spider-Man

This new Spider-Man installment is not the first to cross into bad CGI territory. Back in 2002, Marvel released the first Spider-Man film complete with this Green Goblin character who looks like a cheap plastic toy.

Image: Columbia Pictures

I Am Legend

It’s hard to be afraid of something that looks so clearly fake. The zombies in this movie just look like they’re yelling in frustration at being so poorly rendered.

Image: Warner Bros.

The Hulk

Though this character has always presented a problem to animation studios, the work done on the 2003 film version was particularly atrocious. His pants look painted on and the rest of him isn’t much better. Things started looking up for the character in The Avengers, though, where the special effects studio actually attempted to make him still kind of look like Mark Ruffalo.

Image: Universal Pictures

Shark Attack 3 - Megalodon

Giant sharks have always been tough to capture digitally and this movie did no better. The CGI is almost as bad as the acting.

Image: Nu Image Films

Captain America - Skinny Steve Rogers

Nobody anywhere was going to believe that this was actually Chris Evans. It’s terrifying.

Image: Paramount Pictures