Make Trump Angry Again With A Drumpf Hat

by Melissa Cruz

In a Last Week Tonight segment that was in turn scathing, hilarious, and frightening, John Oliver completely dissected Donald Trump and his campaign. The host and his team even went so far as to dig up Trump's heritage, finding that the original spelling of the businessman's admittedly dignified-sounding name destroys the image he has worked so hard to build. Trump, Oliver points out, was originally "Drumpf." But the best moment of all came when Oliver announced that viewers could buy a Donald Drumpf hat, which has a built-in, surefire way to annoy Trump.

And the best way to annoy a businessman who has cut all corners in order to turn a profit? Don't upcharge for the product you're selling. This is exactly what Oliver and the team at HBO have decided they will do, selling the Drumpf hat "at cost" and therefore not making any profit off of it. Even the product description itself proudly boasts this, reading:

A hat, specially designed to be worn on the head, as a reminder of the real Donald Drumpf. All hats are being sold at cost, because we know nothing would irritate him more than someone choosing not to make a profit.

The hat is a near-replica of Trump's now infamous "Make America Great Again" hat he and his supporters often sport on the campaign trail.

The segment drew from Trump's past to create the argument that the GOP front-runner is essentially a terrifying racist, or at least is very good at pretending to be one for the sake of courting votes. It likewise delved into Trump's own profits, citing his inconsistencies regarding his businesses and his own net worth.

The Last Week Tonight segment attempted to determine how much The Donald is worth. Getting a concrete answer seems to be all but impossible, however, as it depends largely on Trump's own "feelings." The businessman has pointed out how his net worth may waver in a series of depositions he's given after being sued for failed business ventures. In one such deposition, he described how his financial portfolio can change based on these feelings.

“Yes, even my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day.”

Oliver was quick to jump on these types of statements, pointing again to Trump's overall inconsistencies. These range from being pro-choice to anti-choice, then later to hating the KKK to being unable to disavow them on the campaign trail. Despite attacking the candidate with humor, the segment nevertheless had a somewhat bleak feel about it.

But The Last Week Tonight segment also offered some hope to the many voters who may feel powerless in the face of Trump's surprising ascension to the GOP top spot. Buy a Drumpf hat, and know that you very well may have succeeded in pissing off even just a small piece of The Donald. And that, really, is priceless.

Image: HBO