New Picture Book Could Jumpstart Your Own Writing

If picture books were just for kids, then why are the best ones always filled with so many truths for adults to learn, too? And if you're an adult aspiring writer, you might just find that Philip C. Stead's new picture book Ideas Are All Around (Roaring Brook Press) to be the creative influence you need to escape your writer's block.

If you have some little ones running around, or if you're the best fun aunt ever, you probably already recognize the author name. Philip Stead and his wife/creative partner Erin E. Stead are behind the Caldecott-winning A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Bear Has A Story To Tell, Lenny & Lucy, and dozens of other adorable picture books that us grown-ups never minded reading aloud at bedtime. This time, Philip strikes out solo to write Ideas Are All Around, his homage to creativity that acts like a spark plug for writers of any age to overcome their uncertainty and bring an idea to fruition.

The beautiful new picture book belongs just much on your shelf next to your worn copies of Bird by Bird and On Writing as it does on the nursery bookshelf.

Philip Stead's meta picture book about the struggles in the writing process has so many tips for aspiring writers, but why not see for yourself. Below is a selection of stunning illustrations from Ideas Are All Around, as well as the lessons contained for the grown-up readers. (Click the images to enlarge.)

1. Writing a Book Is Risky... And You Will Have Writer's Block. That's OK

2. There's Always A Netflix Binge, A Messy House, Or (If You're Lucky) An Adorable Dog To Distract You, But You Can't Let It

3. Your "Mistakes" Can End Up Being What Make Your Work Unique And Beautiful

4. People Watching Is A Writer's Work, Because Everyone Has A Story To Tell If You're Looking For It

5. Your Imagination Is Your Greatest Tool, So Use It

6. Stop And Look Around. That's Where Your Ideas Are

Ideas Are All Around goes on sale March 1.

Images: Courtesy of Macmillan