How To Buy ColourPop's "Ripa" Lippie Stix Shade Before It's Gone For Good — PHOTOS

If you're looking for the perfect spring lip color, consider your search officially over. ColourPop created a limited edition Lippie Stix shade, and chances are you've actually seen it before. The new lip color, aptly named Ripa was, you guessed it, worn by Kelly Ripa at the Oscars. It's the perfect light pink hue, but it won't be available for long, so get to shopping! Because if it's Oscar-worthy, you'll probably want to have it in your makeup bag.

Often people are left wondering what beauty products the stars are wearing on the red carpet, but not this time! With a smokey eye and subtle lip, Ripa's of her makeup products complemented each other so well. And her lip color was actually that $5 ColourPop Lippie Stix shade, which you can now purchase for yourself. If it can hold up this well on the Oscars red carpet, just imagine how gorgeous this lipstick will be for everyday wear.

Ripa Lippie Stix, Ripa Lippie Pencil, $5 each, Colour Pop

Wondering how to buy it? The Ripa Lippie is available exclusively on ColourPop's website right now, but it won't be there for long. It's such a natural springtime hue that will go with anything, so there's no telling how fast it will sell out. For just $5 each, you can get the gorgeous hue — and the matching liner. It doesn't get much more affordable than this!

Ripa Lippie Stix, Ripa Lippie Pencil, $5 each, Colour Pop

Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking buying makeup online, since you never know how true to life the photo swatches will be, but this time the shade walked the red carpet on a major celeb, so you already got an up-close and personal feel of what it looks like IRL. In case you missed it, here she is again:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The subtle pink shade looked gorgeous with a brown smokey eye and bronzed skin. It was just enough to be noticed, but not enough to steal the spotlight.


Everyone needs a color like this in their makeup bag.


It even lasted all the way through to the after party!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ripa Lippie Stix, Ripa Lippie Pencil, $5 each, Colour Pop

From day to night, this shade does it all.

Hurry over to ColourPop before this gorgeous lippie is gone.

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