9 Cute Bikinis That Fit Small Boobs

Finding a bathing suit in a style, color, and pattern you like is tough enough, but throw in the added caveat of not totally being able to fill every style out, and shopping for swimsuits downright sucks. But don't start hating your body; there's a whole lot to love about having small boobs! Instead, shop bikinis that actually fit small boobs. Say goodbye to sagging and shoddy safety pinning!

Stores never seem to have a wide selection of bikinis, so I always fall victim every year to ordering some online and inevitably having to mail everything back when nothing fits up top. It's a total buzzkill (and talk about a waste of time and shipping costs...), but it doesn't have to be that way. Just like how all bodies are different, not all swimsuits fit the same, and it's just about finding one that works for your body type. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole, and you can't fit small boobs in a swimsuit made for bigger ones. Truth.

If you're starting to think about beach season and want to avoid the buy and return struggle, shop these nine bikinis that fit small boobs, so you can embrace and love what you were born with.

1. Bandeau

Lepel, $48, ASOS

A bandeau is the ultimate comfortable bikini, and the smaller your boobs are, the easier it is to stay up without having to adjust all the time.

2. Triangle

South Beach, $31, ASOS

Don't let the cups scare you. Although the cups are small, you don't have to worry about your girls peeking out unexpectedly. This style is made for tiny boobs.

3. Bralette

Bikini Lab, $46, ASOS

A bralette is going to cover you all up, so there's no awkward not filling out your cups here.

4. Crop

Bikini Lab, $46, ASOS

It's basically a crop top you can swim in. And you know how in crop tops are right now.

5. High Neck

Evil Twin, $52, ASOS

This is about as high fashion as a bikini can get.

6. Flounce

Hobie, $42, ASOS

This fits like a sports bra, so you won't have to worry about filling it out, but if you want the appearance of more up top, the flounce helps fake it.

7. Bra

Mambo x Emma, $35, ASOS

If you can't fit into underwire bras and love your soft or sports bra, then try a bra bikini top.

8. Cap-Sleeved

Raisins Sound Check, $40, ASOS

Any size can pull off a pull-on bikini top like this. Plus, it looks like a shirt, so you won't need a top cover-up.

9. Strapped & Striped

Banana Moon, $51, ASOS

There's no awkward cups to fill out, and stripes give the appearance of larger boobs if you want that.

Images: ASOS