Ben's Exes Agree That His Tattoo Is The Worst

I'd wager that a good amount of mutual ex-significant others don't agree on most things. It's the nature of the beast. After all, there's that person you both used to be involved with standing in between the both of you, metaphorically if not physically. It's awkward as heck and it sometimes causes us to be unreasonable. But regardless of their once attachment to Ben Affleck, his exes are agreeing on at least one thing. Jennifer Lopez hates Ben Affleck's tattoo, just as much as Jennifer Garner seems to. Who knew that gaudy tattoos could bring people together? Amazing.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, my favorite instigator, asked Lopez about the colorful phoenix tattoo on Affleck's back during a game of Plead the Fifth (a guest is asked three questions and can choose to not answer one of them). She responded, "It’s awful! What are you doing?" But then she took it one step further. Not only does she reject the idea of the phoenix tattoo, she kind of rejects the idea of all Affleck's tattoos. She went on to say, "His tattoos always have too many colors, they shouldn’t be so colorful. They should be cooler."

Listen, I am no tattoo artist or aficionado, but I tend to agree. And I appreciate Lopez's candidness in a line of questioning where she could have chosen not to answer.

And you know what? Aside from my personal approval of Lopez's take on the ink, it's important to note that Garner does agrees too. In fact, she was the one to get the whole I'm Going To Unabashedly Call Out Ben Affleck's Tattoo Club started. I mean, honesty is the best policy, right? Garner boldly talked about the tattoo with Vanity Fair . The According to the magazine, she "refuses to claim responsibility" for the tattoo and said of it herself:

You know what we would say in my hometown about that? "Bless his heart." A phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.

I'm thinking that these ladies need to get drinks together and discuss the ins and outs of what a proper tattoo constitutes. Stranger things have happened; it's Hollywood. Most importantly, if we're to take anything away from this scenario, it's that the Jennifers in both incantations of Bennifer are just not with Ben on this one. Actually, it seems like no one is, especially the Internet:.

See? I told you. Poor Ben.

Perhaps we should call this tattoo alliance between both Jennifers and the Internet, Jenternet? I'm into it.