The One Pair Of Shoes You Need For Spring

When spring rolls around, there's this awkward shoe period where it's not cold enough for all those cute winter boots, but it's till too early for anything strappy. Plus, let's face it, the pedi situation is probably abysmal at this early in the weather change game. If only there was a cute, warm, but airy shoe that was as comfortable as it was stylish without being the same old flats. Oh, and what if it was sustainable and made from natural materials as well? That would be the dream.

Enter Allbirds! They're in the shoe business, but I think they should call themselves a part of the dream maker business. I mean, just their mission alone, before we even get to the shoes, is a thing of beauty. "At Allbirds, we’re on a mission to prove that comfort, good design, and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive." Right? It's everything you want when you throw down your hard-earned money.

But once you experience the shoes, that's where the magic really happens. Because they are gorgeous. And comfortable. And really the greatest things ever. And they go well with so many different looks. They're the perfect shoe for mastering the athleisure trend that's happening in a big way. They're perfect for running errands. Perfect for your cutest brunch wear. And while I'm not saying they're designed to sleep in, I'm also not saying they aren't.

OK, let's get down to business and talk specifics. What is the only thing you love more than coffee? Cute animals, right? And that's where this shoe is born. New Zealand, the land of abundant sheep, has tons of soft, strong, sustainable, merino wool. It's not the scratchy wool of yesteryear. It's wool with the added luxury afforded by modern technology. The wool minimizes foot odor, it's super flexible, it regulates temperature, and it wicks away moisture. And the shoes definitely do not feel like a sad sack of itchiness. You could put their softness on your face, like this:

There's also no leather or toxic chemical components. The insoles are made with vegetable oil based polyurethane and the outsoles are made with a low carbon footprint rubber and foam polymer mix. The company is really proud of the ways this shoe minimizes its impact on the environment. They're also innovating the way shoes are made with designs that minimize the amount of energy and labor required in the stitching and manufacturing. A lot of thought has gone into making a better shoe for a better world.

Wool Runners, $95, Allbirds

They come in charcoal, green, navy, light blue, and red, with a variety of outsole trim colors. And they're only $95. But I promise you, once you put them on, you'll never believe that they cost less than a million bucks. You'll feel like a million bucks. Both because you got awesome shoes that look and feel great, and also because you spent your money in a way that promotes sustainable business and positive change.

And there are very few ways to change the world that are more powerful that speaking with your wallet.

Images: Allbirds