What Colors Does Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette Include? It's Got A Versatile Selection — PHOTOS

Too Faced has been on a roll lately with its new products, and the brand is not slowing down any time soon. With the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette already sold out on the Too Faced website, the company has even more in store as far for this summer as far deliciously-scented palettes go. Too Faced's Sweet Peach palette is filled with 18 gorgeous shades that smell just as beautiful as they look — so get your wallet ready!

For so long, Too Faced has blessed the beauty world with chocolate-y scented products that make getting ready all the more interesting. Now the brand is back at it with the Sweet Peach palette. As a part of the Summer 2016 Collection, which could be out as early as April 14th, the 18-color eyeshadow palette is filled with everything from subtle matte hues to bold, shimmery pops of color. This palette is a complete game changer.

With names like Summer Yum, Candied Peach, and Cobbler, I can't think of a sweeter way to start off summer. White Peach and Peaches 'N Cream are the perfect year-round lid base coats and there are even some shades, like the darker Talk Derby To Me and Tempting, that can take you right into fall. This could be their most versatile palette yet.

Just look at how they shine! With about half shimmery shades and half matte, there's no telling how many looks you could make with the palette. Georgia and Just Peachy combined on the lid could easily make for the perfect daytime summer look, while Peach Pit and Luscious can take you through the night.

The olive green Bless Her Heart is the perfect spring to summer transition shade. Not to mention Summer Yum, which somehow looks even better swatched than it does in the palette. The only problem with the Sweet Peach palette is trying to decide which color to use first!

It looks like even brighter blushes are on their way as well! Keep on the lookout for the release date of this deliciousl smelling (and looking) palette.

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