These Donut Ice Cream Cones Lined With Nutella

When it comes to dessert mashups, there are few things I won't get on board for, which is why the invention of ice cream donut cones are creating such a stir. They are as they sound: cones that are created from a donut mixture, and fried so they are hard enough to hold ice cream in them. It's like a waffle cone, except now covered in cinnamon-sugar-dough, with chocolate glazed on top. Though they sound too good to be true, they are actually a play on a dessert that already exists. Mashable says that the pastry-based invention is really a take on a Trdelník, a Slovak dessert that involves grilled dough, walnuts, and of course, a lot of sugar.

If your mouth wasn't watering enough at this point, prepare to be foaming with anger, because here comes the bad news: you'll have to travel to Prague to get your hands on it. It's the creation of the Good Food Coffee and Bakery, which, uh, speaks for itself. So that's the bad news — but the good news, of course, is that there is perhaps one more stop on your ultimate travel bucket list!

Check out some of the more tantalizing photos below, and brace yourself, because the hanger is going to come on hard, and it's going to come on strong. The next thing we'll be on the lookout for is a DIY how-to video... Side note: whoever wants to start making these state-side is going to be the next millionaire, so, you know, get on that, people (and call me when they're done).

Now THIS picture is #GOALS

Imagine experiencing all this glory with your BFF. JUST IMAGINE EXPERIENCING IT AT ALL, ACTUALLY.

If you were wondering how they were made... the cones are based on trdelníks, also known as “chimney cakes,” a hollow, cylindrical Czech pastry.

Why is watching them be made somehow just as amazing as watching other people eat them? Why is all of this magic? Where is my plane ticket to Prague?

Check out some low-key lined with Nutella versions:

*Takes deep, soothing breaths.*

*Tries to distract oneself from the craving that cannot be satisfied in this life/country/day/hour.*

Or fruit!

This seriously looks just as amazing. (Imagine it with dessert fruit, the kind of warm, gooey stuff you find in pies and what not...)

The trifecta: an open cone, one with whipped cream and strawberries, and one with classic ice cream.

There is probably little more that need be done for you to start planning your next trip... a food tour of Europe, anyone? (Wait, that's actually an amazing idea. *PACKS BAGS* *STARTS BLOG* *EATS ALL THE THINGS*.)