6 Suitable Dupes Of Rihanna's Fenty Shoes

Rihanna is "work"ing it at a shoe designer. Her Puma-branded sneakers are stylish and they sell out. The Rihanna x Puma Creepers went fast in 2015 and they don't look to be restocked. Meanwhile, the brand new Rihanna x Puma Trainers mimic booties and wrestling shoes. They sold out on launch but more were made available. Both shoes are totally different but each are the epitome of athleisure. That is, you could wear them while running errands. Or you could dress them up with skirts or leather leggings or you could dress 'em down with destroyed skinny jeans. The possibilities, provided you actually scored a pair, seem endless. Rihanna x Fenty x Puma shoes are, in essence, kicked up kicks. The Fenty line of shoes clearly take influence and inspo from Rihanna, who serves as the brand's creative director.

But they are also fashion unicorns that are not easy to obtain. It's not as simple as pointing and clicking and waiting for your shipment to arrive nor is it as simple as showing up to your fave shoe store, trying on a size or two, and making a purchase. These sneakers are not widely available and therefore have cult status. That means you have to resort to other options if you must have a pair.

You can shop third parties or you can go with suitable, somewhat similar dupes. No, these are not exact copies but they are in the same style spirit.

These are the Rihanna Trainers in black. They also come in red and white. They are like booties and can be super versatile. They are casual but dressy depending on how you style them and with what.

These Steve Madden Karrlton shoes have a similar, bootie-like shape. They look like a bootie, but then again, they don't. That's what makes them samesies as the Rihanna trainer, which is kinda hard to copy since it's so unique. ($99.95,

These rubber Chuck Taylors also have that kicked up kick look. It's the height of the tongue that makes these semi-match the Rihanna x Puma pair. ($44.99,

However, if you prefer the athletic look of the Rihanna x Puma trainer, these Pure Boosts by Adidas have that "vibe." ($120,

These are the killer Creepers in black with the oatmeal-colored sole. There is so much style soul here! These are not available any longer. Boo. I want a pair so, so bad. Like "you can have next month's rent" bad.

Suede Classic Women's Sneakers, $65, Puma

Love the look? Why not go with a pair of regular ol' Pumas? They are classic, remain in style, and have the same shape and look of the Creeper, minus the platform bed. It's close enough.

But if you want a platform sole, these classic Converse fit the bill, with the boosted bottom and narrow shape. Who doesn't love a little lift? ($59,

These T.U.K. shoes are legit Creepers, in terms of shape and sole. They are also the same color as one of RiRi's. They are not sneakers, but they have the same look. Bonus: In addition to the roped sole and they are vegan. ($74.97,

There you go — suitable options!

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)