Who Will Help Out Team Blake During Season 6?

by Kristie Rohwedder

I’d been wondering as to whether or not Cher would return as Blake Shelton’s advisor on The Voice . This might be the first time an advisor comes back, I thought. Why would Shelton ever let her go?! Well, I was a little too optimistic. When The Voice makes its return to NBC on Feb. 24, Cher will not be there. Drat. I’m such a fool for holding onto the hope that Cher might once again sit next to Shelton in that rehearsal room, because, as I know from watching season after season, the advisor lineup always changes. Cher wouldn’t be back. She probably has Cher things to do, anyway. I get it. But I'm going to be bummed regardless. I just miss her presence, okay?

So, if not Cher, who has the country star invited to assist Team Blake? The winner is… (Carson Daly-style dramatic pause)

...The Band Perry. Not a member from the band, but the whole band. That means Shelton is going to have three advisors. Three. I didn’t realize that this was allowed. I know, I know, in the past, judges have switched up their mentors mid-season, but never before have they had multiple advisors at once.

Oh, wait. What am I bugging about? This is The Voice. There might be a show rulebook, but it’s a “rulebook.” The Voice rules change with the wind. As tough as Daly can be about making sure coaches don’t go overtime with their feedback during the live shows, that’s about as strict as this program gets. This is the show that loves hurling an INSTANT SAVE curveball and switching up the format when you least expect it. Always keepin’ it jazzy, always keepin’ it unpredictable, always keepin' it loose. If Shelton wants three advisors, NBC isn’t going to put the kibosh on it. They’re going to go with the flow. As is Daly. As are we.

Back in Nov., it was announced that Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert, will return to The Voice . During season 2, Lambert was Shelton’s advisor. However, this time around, Lambert will not be assisting Blake "Three-peat" Shelton. She’ll be working with Shakira (and against her husband) over the course of season 6. Oh! A TWIST. Way to psych out Shelton, Shak and Lambert!

The season six sidekicks of Usher and Levine remain unconfirmed, but I have a few suggestions. Oh, do I ever have a few suggestions:

Team Usher

  • The not-Adam Levine members of Maroon 5. It'd totally psych out Levine (thanks to Shakira/Lambert, I'm all about psyching people out now). And it'd see Shelton's three advisors and raise him FOUR ADVISORS!
  • Dave Matthews Band. SEVEN ADVISORS!
  • The Polyphonic Spree. ONE MILLION ADVISORS!
  • Christina Aguilera. Duh.
  • Cee Lo Green. Duh.
  • Cher. AUGH I WISH.

Team Adam:

  • TLC. Not only do they rule, but Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is Usher’s ex. PSYCH HIM OUT.
  • Rosie and Sophia Grace. They'd always recommend tutus and tiaras. So yeah, they'd be awesome.
  • The Tupac Hologram. I'm going to assume holograms are okay.
  • Cee Lo Green. Duh.
  • Christina Aguilera. Duh.
  • Cher. AUGH I WISH.

Screw it. No offense to Lambert or The Band Perry, but can Cher be everyone's advisor? Please?!?