Simple Ways To Fix Dandruff

by Erica Florentine
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There’s really no other way to put it — having dandruff can be horrible. It can look unappealing when we’re examining it up close in the mirror, or can be a problem from a distance, too, depending on what color we’re wearing. Simple ways to help dandruff are plentiful, which should come as great news for those who experience it often. The ways to rid the flakes are all very easy, and are known to show results in up to a few weeks.

If you’re someone who is prone to dandruff, you might be wondering why it is that you get it. According to LIVESTRONG, there are a few potential causes. For one, you might have dandruff due to very dry or very oily skin. Separately, you might get dandruff if you don’t wash your hair often enough or if you’re using hair products that irritate your scalp. In addition to these things, dandruff — as we’ll discuss — can also be a result of certain lifestyle decisions, including being too stressed and not eating enough of the right foods. Other more serious cases could be due to broader skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis (which you’ll want to consult with your doctor about). Regardless of the reasoning, it’s likely all dandruff-sufferers have one major thing in common — they want it gone, and they want it gone quickly. By relying on the right hair regimes and treatments, and improving overall lifestyles, this can happen without a hitch. Now, let’s get to it. Here are seven simple ways to help dandruff.

1. Use The Right Shampoo

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Let’s start with the most obvious solution and get you using the right kind of shampoo. According to the Mayo Clinic, shampoos containing zinc pyrithione will be helpful in diminishing dandruff because the agent is both antibacterial and antifungal. This means it’ll help reduce the fungus on your scalp (ick) that can be causing dandruff. What shampoos contain this? Well-known dandruff relief brands like Head & Shoulders do, as well as others like DHS Zinc Shampoo.

Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Dandruff Shampoo (2-pack), $14, Amazon; DHS Zinc Shampoo, $17, Amazon

2. Crush Up Some Aspirin

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Aspirin can be helpful in clearing up dandruff, as it contains salicylic acid — an ingredient that assists in softening dry, scaly skin. Reader’s Digest suggested crushing two aspirin until they’ve created a fine powder and then adding them to your normal amount of shampoo each time you wash. Don’t wash it right out though. Scrub it on and leave the mixture in for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse and then wash once more with just shampoo.

3. Go To Yoga Today

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This fact is really interesting — sometimes there is a link between the level of stress you’re experiencing and your dandruff outbreak, according to WebMD. After all, according to dermatologist Alan Dattner, MD, chronic stress is not great for your skin, and dandruff is a skin problem. Dattner suggested to WebMD that those with dandruff who believe it could be stress-induced should find healthy ways to relieve stress. That yoga class you were going to blow off later? Don’t do it. Your hair will be happy you went.

4. Do A Hot Oil Treatment

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I love, love, love hot oil treatments because they always leave my hair feeling amazing afterwards. Not only can they make our hair feel soft and pretty, though, they can also fight dandruff if applied a slightly different way. According to LIVESTRONG, try using olive oil for a treatment aimed at curing dandruff. The outlet suggested pouring about 3 ounces of olive oil into a saucepan and heating it until it’s just barely warm. Wet your hair and then use a rag to apply the warm oil to your scalp, avoiding your actual hair as much as you can. Place a shower cap over your hair and let the oil soak in for about a half hour, then shampoo and condition as usual to remove the oil.

5. Try Mouthwash

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Mouthwash also seems to have powers beyond those I’d ever imagined. If you have mouthwash handy and are a dandruff sufferer, bring it into the shower with you. According to Reader’s Digest, first shampoo your hair as usual, then rinse with an alcohol-based mouthwash, then condition as usual. This is said to help fight dandruff as the mouthwash contains anti-fungal properties that prevents the growth of dandruff-causing yeast.

6. Baking Soda To The Rescue

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Dermatologist Michele Green, MD, told WebMD baking soda can be a friend to you in your battle against dandruff. All you have to do it wet your hair and rub baking soda on your scalp. suggested leaving it on your scalp for no more than 2-3 seconds before washing it off, and then following with your regular shampoo/conditioner routine. Green said you should use baking soda in this way a few times a week, and can expect results in several weeks.

7. Reassess Your Diet

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Do you know your diet could actually affect the amount of dandruff you have? Well, it can. According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy diet is essential in curing dandruff. This mean making sure you’re getting enough zinc and vitamin B, just to name a couple. Yahoo noted particular foods that have dandruff-fighting power, including apples, chickpeas, ginger, garlic, and sunflower seeds. Stock up on the right foods, and you’ll be on your way to a flake-free scalp.

Dandruff can be extremely annoying, if only for its unsightly appearance. However, it can be diminish quite simply by using some of these tricks and tips above. Here’s to beautiful, flake-free hair.

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