Ashley Stewart Just Released Extended Sizes

While plus size brands are obviously made to cater to plus size people, oftentimes they stop at sizes 20 to 24. Thankfully, one brand has just taken inclusion a step further. Ashley Stewart launched extended sizes for its spring collection as of March 1, with the designs modeled by popular plus size bloggers. By collaborating with women actually involved in body positive efforts, Ashley Stewart is reinforcing its dedication to providing fashion that real plus size women want. So while the brand previously capped at a size 26, it will now be offering sizes 28, 30, and 32.

This feels like a huge step forward not only for the brand, but for the inclusivity of larger plus size people in the fatshion world. The collection isn't trying to "flatter," hide, or blend in. Rather, the bright colors and bold prints lend themselves to style and confidence for people who need to be represented and celebrated more in the plus size fashion industry.

“We listened. Our customers have been asking us for more sizes and we’ve answered with our most sought-after dress styles,” Kristen Gaskins, President and CMO of Ashley Stewart said in the press release for the new range. “The collection will include maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and ready-for-work styles, with plans to extend more categories in the future.”

As well as listening to customers, Ashley Stewart has been (wisely) paying attention to the world of plus size fashion blogging. The retailer reached out to some big names on the scene, partnered with Plus Model Magazine, and brought in bloggers Alissa Wilson from Stylish Curves, Beck Delude from Manfattan, Tiffany from Lace N’ Leopard, and Megahan O’Conner from Little Lime Dress. The best part is that the brand stayed true each person's individual style to prove how versatile its designs really are.

Regarding the new collection and the extended sizes, O'Connor said in the press release, "Ashley Stewart extending their size range is very important for the brand as well as an important step in the fashion world. Allowing women who are 28 through 32 to dress for their shape and style is not only exciting but it is an uplifting movement that I am very happy to be part of."

By extending the range with a vibrant new collection, Ashley Stewart is proving that it knows that plus size fashion is only getting brighter and more varied, and recognizing that many plus size women don't want to blend into the background any longer.

These styles and colors are an outspoken proclamation that women of all sizes deserve to feel fabulous.

Images: Courtesy Ashley Stewart