'Pump Rules' Star James Has An Awful New Music Vid

First, let me apologize for the next three minutes of your life. Vanderpump Rules ' James Kennedy has a new music video for his track "Don't Look Down" and it's as horrible as it sounds. Sorry, not sorry, James. I'm not really trying to be a hater, but for his entire time on the Bravo reality series all fans have heard about is how great of a DJ he is, not to mention how he describes himself as the "White Kanye West." (FYI, his Twitter name is also, "White Kanye.") Well, guess what? He most definitely isn't anywhere near West's musical talent.

Per Bravo, the music video represents "a day in the life of the musician." He wakes up taking a shot of tequila while wearing matching socks and underwear, has his own mini-rave in an empty tunnel, and drives around Los Angeles in a Rolls-Royce (yes, a Rolls-Royce) with his buddy, Max Todd, Lisa Vanderpump's son. (Side note: Max, you really need to find a new BFF.)

The only realistic thing in the video is all of the alcohol consumed. It's like watching an episode of Pump Rules. Though, I guess the blue paint and confetti dumped all over James could represent his extremely messy life? Whatever the case, the music video won't be winning a Grammy anytime soon, that's for sure.

So, I wonder what Pump Rules' Tom Sandoval thinks of James' video. I mean, Sandoval does have his own band, called Charles McMansion, which released a video for song "T.I.P. (Touch In Public)" in November 2015. Check it out here:

And, yes, that is Ariana Madix and Lala Kent in Sandoval's video. Hey, James, why wasn't Lala in your video?

Anyways, I now have to go try to erase all of these Pump Rules music videos from my mind. I'm pretty sure James and Sandoval should just stick with what they're good at — causing drama on reality TV.