Will 'High School Musical 4’ Feature Zac Efron? The Movie Sequel Is Officially Happening

Hold onto your Wildcat jerseys, High School Musical fans, because it was just announced that High School Musical 4 is officially happening. The news came alongside an open casting call from Disney, so that means there’s twice as much to get excited for with this movie: A chance to root for your favorite high school stars and a chance to star in the movie yourself. But, does the open casting call mean that some of your favorite stars — aka, Zac Efron — won’t be returning to High School Musical 4 ?

Whether or not Efron will be returning to the movie musical that first made him famous has yet to be confirmed, but there may be good reason to believe that the star could return for another sequel. In a March 2014 interview with E! News , Efron confirmed exclusively that, “We’re all thinking about it. I continue to see all the guys from High School. Every time we do…there’s just this look between us.” But that was two years ago. Is Efron still as enthusiastic or as able to participate in the sequel as he was back then?

There definitely is his schedule to consider. With three projects currently in post-production, Efron is likely booked solid for the next few months. What with publicity tours and the fact that he is currently filming for Baywatch, we might just have to face down a High School Musical sequel without the movie's original star.

Kinda like how we had to face the 10-year reunion that happened on Good Morning America in January without Efron. The rest of the cast came together on the morning talk news show, but Efron was a no-show. He did send in a video saying that he hoped for a billion more anniversaries to celebrate, though, so clearly the love between this cast is still there — but Efron is a busy man.

But it might be a good sign that, when hosting SNL in 2009, Efron starred in a High School Musical 4 skit. In it, Efron delivers the sad and depressing message to the graduating class below him that, unfortunately, no one sings and dances in college. But as funny as this skit is, I think it's has some serious possibility now that the High School Musical 4 movie is officially in the works. Ten years after it's original premiere, these cast members are old enough to be teachers themselves. And who wouldn't want Troy Bolton as their teacher?

No one. The answer is no one.