Finally, A Leak Proof Bathing Suit For Periods

by Kat George
Issarawat Tattong/Moment/Getty Images

If you've ever had a period accident while trying to enjoy a refreshing swim, then these leak proof bathing suits for periods are for you. Not everyone is a tampon kind of person. Personally, I hate tampons, but I wear them while swimming or working out because unlike pads, they're discreet and unlikely to fall out, move around into uncomfortable positions, or be a general nuisance to my nether regions while I'm trying to be active. Generally speaking, pads are no friend to ladies who are moving or trying to get wet (not in the dirty way, but in the sense that they are going in the pool or the ocean), but Panty Prop bathing suits and underwear want to change that. The answer, it seems, is not in the pad itself, but the underwear that holds them in place.

Panty Prop is an innovative underwear product that's designed for people who wear sanitary pads and "have been failed numerous times by the shifting, chafing, discomfort, and embarrassment." The company considers all leaks, whether from mensuration or urination, something the Panty Prop will cover, providing relief to those who either don't like wearing tampons or can't because of "fibroids, cyst, or other medical issues". Here's everything you need to know about Panty Prop's new swimwear line:

1. They Look Like Normal Bathing Bottoms

Just like Panty Prop's underwear, their swimwear looks just like a regular bathing bottom. The swim bottoms come in a cute floral or plain black, and both can be easily matched to a bikini top of your choice.

2. They're Discreet

The difference between your Panty Prop bathers and your regular ones is that they come with a discreet pocket designed to hold your pad in place. It's not bulky at all, and when you wear them no one will ever know there's a diaper-like product in there soaking up blood and/or pee.

3. They'll Hold Your Pad In Through Everything

Inside the bottoms there's a little envelope for your pad to go in. Panty Prop calls this "a double layered crotch panel lined with Dri-Tech mesh houses a discreet pocket." So you just slide your pad in there before you go out, and once it gets wet and full and you're done swimming you can just pull it out and throw it away. If you're wondering about leaks, the bottoms are designed to stop that nonsense, as the absorbent lining will stop any unwanted leaking.

4. Panty Prop Is Also Offering Free Pads

Panty Prop believes that women's sanitary products should be more easily accessible, and is giving away free pads from Bodyform, "the first flushable, biodegradable panty liners and sanitary napkins." You don't even need a purchase to buy them, just pay for postage. (But head's up, there's a limit of one package per address.)

5. They're Hella Affordable

The bottoms cost $34.95 for black and $36.95 for floral. Check 'em out on the Panty Prop website here!

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