You Can Eat With Them On Valentine's Day

by Ivy Jacobson

If you want a Valentine's Day that's inspired by Beyonce, her music, and her love for Jay Z and good food, we have an answer for you. No, seriously, we do — this isn't a joke. On Feb. 14, Brucie NYC will be serving a Beyonce-themed Valentine's Day menu. The Italian restaurant in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood has truly outdone itself, and instead of Valentine's Day, this sounds more like Christmas to Beyonce's fans. So if you don't live in NYC, you might want to book plane tickets. Now.

The romantic menu features dishes such as "Pink Is The Flavor," "Breastiny's Child, "Jay-Ziti," "22 Days Vegan," "I Am Pasta Fierce" (my personal favorite), "Oysters Rocafella," "Put A Ring On It," "Reasonable Trout," and "Blue Ivy," which sounds like a delightful dish of smoked blue potatoes, chiriboga blue, trout roe, and watercress.

This is the most amazing idea ever for millions of reasons, but I'll just give you a few. First of all, who doesn't love Beyonce? Now, who doesn't love Beyonce and Beyonce-inspired pasta combined? Finally, don't you think that Blue Ivy deserves to have a dish named after her? The majority of people's hands are probably still in the air, so this sounds like the best menu ever. But who do we have to thank for this?

The restaurant's owner and executive chef, Zahra Tangorra, told The Huffington Post how Beyonce inspired her Valentine's Day menu.

We were trying to think of what to do for Valentine's Day. And I'm turned off by the whole, 'We have a price fix, you can get a crab cake' or whatever. We thought, everyone loves Beyonce. Especially us. So me and my staff worked really hard to make fabulous dishes based on those titles.

Fabulous indeed. But can I just order the Jay-Ziti and I Am Pasta Fierce year-round? I'll tip extra. That'd be great. Thanks.

Image: AaronMEdwards/Twitter