Marco Rubio Finally Won A State

In the later hours of the night, Marco Rubio won Minnesota on Super Tuesday, his first victory of the 2016 election cycle. By and large, Super Tuesday had not been a success for the Florida senator. Despite being the favorite of the Republican establishment — and earning plenty of support and attention from their top members — Rubio failed to win a single state in the South. In contrast, frontrunner Donald Trump claimed five (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee). To add insult to injury, Sen. Ted Cruz managed to win more Super Tuesday states than Rubio did, adding Oklahoma and his home state of Texas to his win in Iowa.

Rubio appeared to be performing so poorly in the Super Tuesday states that many wondered whether he would leave the night with any victories to his name. ThinkProgress editor Ian Millhiser tweeted earlier in the evening, "I have won exactly as many GOP primaries as Marco Rubio." While Rubio's Minnesota win has, perhaps, saved Rubio from a completely embarrassing evening, it doesn't bode well for the future of his campaign. As Millhiser tweeted later in the night, "Congratulations to Marco Rubio, who has now won exactly one more Republican primary state than I have."