Expect To See More Of Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke didn't leave us hanging for long. After Fluke indicated last week that she was considering a bid for Congress, the attorney and reproductive-rights activist has now filed to run as a state representative for California's Democratic Party. Fluke will be campaigning for the seat soon to be vacated by retiring Rep. Henry Waxman.

In 2012, Fluke caught the nation's eye when she was blocked from testifying before a GOP-led congressional hearing on contraception. She was subsequently called a "slut" and a "prostitute" by Rush Limbaugh for advocating before a Democratic Congressional Committee that contraception should be provided for free under the Affordable Care Act.

The Limbaugh abuse only helped strengthen Fluke's position with her supporters, propelling her on to speak at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and campaign for the re-election of President Obama.

But this doesn't mean Fluke will be able to breeze into the California 33rd District seat, an area that includes West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Many people are after the seat Waxman has monopolized since 1975, including some well-known faces at the local level. Former L.A. Controller Wendy Greuel, who lost her bid for city mayor last year, has thrown her hat into the ring, as has California state Sen. Ted Lieu.

But the 32-year-old Fluke is certainly in with a good shot: She has a high national profile, and might even get another unwitting leg-up from Limbaugh along the way.