The Right Way To Use A Sticky Note

There are some things in life that I've kind of always known I was doing wrong. Like the lyrics I sing to that one crazy Barenaked Ladies song, or the fact that I drink my coffee iced even in the dead of winter. But it was a revelation to me that we've been using sticky notes wrong our entire lives. And as someone with a healthy obsession with these adhesive little suckers, this news is kind of a gamechanger.

You might be thinking, 'Um, how could you possibly be messing up sticky notes?' I get it. They seem pretty basic, right? Apparently, wrong. There is a correct way to use sticky notes, and we have blogger Martin Schapendonk to thank for this life-altering info. As Schapendonk tells it, he often relies on sticky notes while doing his work "in a lean and agile way." (I have no idea what that means, exactly, but I'm struck by a sudden desire to also do my work that way.) Like most of us, Schapendonk often falls victim to the phenomenon of falling sticky notes, which are both annoying and inefficient (not at all lean and agile, one can assume). So through a bit of trial and error, Schapendonk arrived at the optimal manner by which to apply a sticky note.

Naturally, I had to give this method a try, and what do you know, it's totally legit. Here's how to give it a go yourself.

1. Whip Out Your Trusted Sticky Notes

Whilst color has no bearing whatsoever on this experiment, I will take this time to point out that I chose a nice shade of neon green for the gig.

2. Peel The Sticky Note Up From The Bottom

Grab the bottom of the note and pull upward toward the adhesive until the sticky note is released from its brethren. Feel free to judge me for my woefully unmanicured nails. I judge me, too.

3. Realize That's How You've Always Done It

If that felt familiar, it's because that's how most of us have always done this. Go ahead and scoff at how curved the edges are. This thing is not long for the world (or, you know, whatever surface you intend to stick it to).

4. Peel A New Sticky Note From The Side

Are you ready? Here's where the magic happens. Start at the left side and pull the sticky note to the right until it is released from the pad. Again, join me in wishing that I'd done my nails before undertaking this little experiment.

5. Marvel At Your New Office/Party Trick

When you peel from the side, the sticky note doesn't curl. It lays about as flat as you could expect, in fact, making it ideal for wall sticking. Who knew?!

Images: Fotolia; Julie Sprankles/Bustle (5)