'How I Met Your Mother' Finale Theories Include Death, Happy Endings, & Everything in Between

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Since day one, How I Met Your Mother has been a comedy of mystery. Hell, the entire premise of the show is based on one. So it's no surprise that the Internet is chock full of theories about the sitcom: The mother is a stripper named Tracy! The mother is Barney's half-sister! They're going to pull a TIME and have the mother just be a giant mirror because the mother is you!

We've met the mother now, so most of those theories have been disproven. But show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have hinted that they've still got a few tricks up their sleeves and that the series finale will be "heartbreaking." So naturally, there are more than a few theories about what will happen in the shows' final moments.

Here are some of the biggest ones to keep track of as we reach the end of the longest wedding weekend in history...

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