The One Lipstick Hack You Need For Mornings

Surviving sipping' on your morning coffee after just putting on your perfect shade of nude matte lipstick can be a struggle and you're going to need a lipstick hack or two (or three) to get through the ordeal. If it seems impossible that you will ever get the Angelina Jolie red carpet lips you've been working toward (what? some of us go big or go home, even for work) than this is the article for you. If you want to hear about the one lipstick hack that will save your morning routine, well, keep reading!

My Grams used to put on bright pink lipstick every day and drink her mocha from a straw to try and preserve her lip color. However, some of us want the freedom to drink out of any receptacle we choose without fear of smearing that lippie all over the place.

Fortunately, there are some hacks on the Internet you should try the next time you apply that shade of "Berrylicious" or "Twilight Vamp" for the perfect morning pout so you don't have to drink all of your lattes with straws out of fear. The one hack I've found to be the most useful? Wearing liquid lipstick! That's right, folks. Yes, this formula can be hard to use the first few times you try, but once you get the hang of liquid lipstick, it will be your savior. Why is that? They simply do not budge. They are a no muss, no fuss type of lippie. I recommend that you should try at least one shade in 2016.

But, if you're not as convinced as I am, here are a few more tips and tricks to survive your morning lipstick routine and look hot as all get out for work tomorrow.

1. Line Your Lips To Prevent Bleeding

Lip liner can be used to add dimension to your lips and prevent lipstick bleeding and feathering.

2. Line Your Lips With Primer

Line your lips with a concealer and/or primer in case of mistakes, bleeding, or just to highlight and make your lips POP.

3. To Change Shades Use Concealer

Are you changing shades mid-day? Put concealer on your lips to get the real second color in its truest form.

4. Add Gloss To Nude Lipstick

Add a clear gloss on chapped looking matte colors and nude lips to make them look more moisturized!

5. Map Out Your Lips

Draw lines and map out your lips to make sure your lips look the way that you want. This is a very useful trick if you don't have steady hands like me!

6. Use Hairspray To Remove Lipstick Stains

Use hairspray to remove any lipstick stains on anything you own!

7. Make Your Lipstick A Stain Instead

Take your lipstick and make it a stain instead because it's just so much easier and there's so much less stress and now you can go to work.

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