Save 'Bunheads'! 5 Ways To Keep the ABC Family Show on the Air

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I'm not going to sugarcoat things for you, fellow bunheads, this isn't looking good. In spite of raves from such reputable publications as Time, The New Yorker, Slate and New York Magazine, Bunheads continues its gradual descent into prematurely cancelled cult show status. Sets have been torn down, Sutton Foster has announced performances in NY over the next few months, and ABC Family has managed to produce a group of summer-premiere competitors that are just salacious and OMG-friendly enough to knock Bunheads out of the running permanently. But if there's one thing that Amy Sherman-Palladino has taught us, it's that it always takes the world a little while to catch up with fast-talking, disorientingly intelligent women. That means it's up to us to make sure that the best show since Gilmore Girls stays on the air. Here's the gameplan, guys:

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