How Much Do You ~Period~ Each Month?

There are a lot of variations when it comes to periods, and a wide breadth of what is considered normal. In this brand spankin’ new BuzzFeed video, women talk frankly about their periods, and answer intimate questions ranging from “how many panties do you ruin in a year?” to “how much blood comes out during your period?” These can be awkward topics to broach but it is helpful to know that whatever your cycle is like, you’re not alone.

Whether there is more blood than a bad slasher movie, or you turn into a rage machine for three days and then it’s completely over, everyone’s body is unique and your period is just that — your period. If you are worried that your period is too long or too short, try not to compare yourself to others. The average period lasts from three to five days, though it is also normal for periods to range from two to seven days. And if you are wondering about the average amount of blood that comes out while you menstruate, well, it ranges from three to four tablespoons to one cup! When the awesome ladies in the video were asked to demonstrate some key aspects of their periods with visual aids, the results were thoroughly entertaining:

How Much Do You "Period"?

We all have our heavy days and our light days, but how much actual liquid does that total up to — as measured by a jug of juice? It doesn't really matter, because constantly running to the bathroom to change tampons makes even a few tablespoons feel like a liter.

What Do Your Cramps Look Like?

There is not enough red Sharpie in the world to express how much cramps suck! I would equate my period pain to angry gremlins bouncing on my uterus and poking my lower back. BuzzFeed says cramps are worsened by stress, however, I get stressed out about my period! Oh great. It's a vicious cycle.

How Much Money Have You Spend On Your Period In Total?

Ruining cute panties and being crippled by cramps aren’t the only pains when it comes to getting a period. The pesky monthly visitor can also cost quite a bit of money to manage. Most men do not think about how much a period costs per month — as proven by the luxury item “tampon tax” debate. When you sit down with a calculator and add up the tampons, pads, Midol, replacement underwear, and for me, heating pads for my cramps, it can come to quite a lofty sum.

BuzzFeed thankfully brings attention to this, one woman totaling up $500 per year in period costs, and another’s at $720. Thinking about that compiling over a lifetime is pretty jaw-dropping. When asked about these exorbitant numbers, one woman solemnly answered, “I guess it’s literally the cost of being a woman.”

To learn more period facts and find out about other women's experiences check out the entire video here:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube