These Pantone Colored Chocolates Are Begging To Grace Your Instagram Feed — PHOTOS

Listen up design junkies and foodies: your worlds are about to collide. While there are many gorgeous desserts out there, this chocolate Pantone box may just take the cake (ha) as the sleekest way to buy something sweet. For those of you who don't know, Pantone is essentially a company that creates colors (sounds meta, but just hold on). Basically, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to merging and creating new colors, and every year, Pantone creates new swatches that many companies use (and many others look to as a means of seeing what's "in"). You may have heard of this through their "color of the year" selection.

Now, some of those colors are being re-created as edible chocolates. The Pantone chocolate box, a design concept by BLOCD, spreads open to look like a book of paint swatches, but rather than hues of ivory or opal, there's a spectrum of chocolate shades, from white to dark. The lightest one is called "Snow White," and the colors progress from there, including shades such as "Sandy Beige."

According to the company's site, the designers created the boxes as Christmas presents for their customers and friends. "If anything defines us, it’s our expertise with a solid background in graphic design... That’s the reason why we chose Pantone, an indispensable tool for any designer, combining it with an appreciated product by our clients and friends, in this case chocolate. Our particular Pantone had different chocolate color ranges, which symbolize the care and attention that we pay to all our projects and the desire to share with our people the joy of tasting this delightful chocolate."

The box as it comes:

It definitely looks like just another boring paint swatch package (sorry, Pantone people). I'd definitely be confused if I got this for a gift...

And then... voila! Chocolates!

From a design perspective, this is actually pretty incredible. From a foodie perspective, this is even more incredible. *Drools*.

Now the only question is: how do they taste?

Better cozy up with some Pantone peeps if you want to get in on this magic, who knows what they'll come up with next year.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy