13 Things That Happen When You Go Commando

I had never had any experience with going commando until doing so as a journalistic social experiment. But TBH, I haven't looked back since. Just by ditching my underwear, I can save myself from having to do additional laundry, air out my fanny, and feel totally comfortable in my own skin. But despite all of the positives, there are still a few negatives as well. Much like with all things, you just have to work out whether going commando is worth it to you. In my experience, I can honestly say that once you get comfortable with the practice, there will be no going back.

In fact, my own experiences with both going commando and getting trolled for going commando inspired my friends to give the panty-less practice a go. Their results have been largely the same: Achieving a sense of freedom like no other, including some surprise new experiences and sensations.

If you're debating whether you're willing to go commando, hopefully this list will give you all the info you need before taking the plunge and purging your underwear drawer. I can't encourage you more, but you do need to know the full breadth of things that are likely to happen when you go sans panties. Just remember: You'll probably be stopping a practice that you've been doing since you were out of diapers. It's obviously going to feel a little weird at first.

1. You'll Feel So Free

It truly is a freedom like no other, especially when you're wearing a skirt. Even if nobody can tell, at least you know.

2. There Will Be Less Laundry

They may only be panties, but ditching them will mean less time spent sitting in the launderette while wearing pair of knickers you didn't even remember owning. Plus, it'll likely save you a couple of dollars. Laundry only tends to become a weekly ritual if you need to wash your underwear.

3. You'll Appreciate Your Panties More

This might sound like the opposite point I've been trying to make. But when you are wearing your favorite pair of panties with a matching bra after going without for a few days, the experience is probably going to be way more thrilling.

4. You Can Say Goodbye To Panty Lines

Because you're not wearing panties!

5. You Can Make It Sexual

Whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear," might sound like it's from a corny film. But trust me, it'll work.

6. You Might Have To Deal With Discharge

This might be a bit TMI, but keep some panties in your bag just in case of accidental vaginal leakage.

7. Your Mates Will Be Grossed Out

Whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear," can also solicit some pretty funny reactions from your best friends.

8. There'll Be Wind Where There Was No Wind Before

I find it kind of refreshing, TBH.

9. Chafing Is More Unavoidable

Don't trying going commando while wearing tight shorts please. Just save yourself the pain in advance.

10. You'll Get Used To Sweating

It depends on the person and what you're wearing, of course, but you might become liable to a sweaty ass crack or two.

11. Popping To The Store Is Way Easier

Change out of your pajama bottoms and into some leggings, and head out there without a worry in the world.

12. You Might Feel Like You're In Basic Instinct

This is arguably the most paused scene in cinematic history and you get to recreate it.

13. You'll Become Mindful Of Trapped Pubes

This has only happened to me once, but trust me, you'll learn your lesson once it has. Be careful with those zippers!

Even if you end up never doing it again, I promise that going commando is worth it at least once — just for the thrill. Cross it off your bucket list and keep on crossing it off with the too-fun practice of going panty-free.

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Images: Georgina Jones; Giphy (3)