Scrotie the Penis and 11 More of the Country's Weirdest College Mascots

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On many college campuses across the country, sporting events are THE most important thing. Of course, I don't know any of this from experience because my school couldn't care less about sports (and doesn't even have a football program), but I digress. Mascots are the face of the team, the guys that get you pumped up before the game, and the first thing the opponent is supposed to fear when they walk onto an opposing team's territory. Because a mascot is supposed to convey the personality of a given team or school to the rest of the world, many colleges opt for fierce wilderness creatures like lions, tigers, and bears — oh my! But there are a few dark horses in the mascot world that are keeping it interesting. The weirdest of the weird mascots include fighting vegetables, lowly insects, and genitalia — yes, GENITALIA. A lot cooler than your school's lion, am I right?

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